Happy New Year from Student Centred Tutoring

We are delighted to have launched “Student Centred Tutoring” in 2020! Thank you to the many that have encouraged and supported us in this endeavor.
To say 2020 was a difficult year is an understatement!
The educational challenges faced by families with school-aged children were unprecedented. Many students experienced disconnectedness through lack of social stimuli and technology issues, failing to achieve their optimum.
We felt strongly as eductors to respond with passion, skill, and experience.
Our Back to Basics and Elevate program are designed to restore confidence and skills in English Literacy and communication;
through fun, and engaging activities linked to the Victorian Curriculum Standards and best practice teaching.

Check out our dates for the next Parent Information Day sessions coming up in January. These will be followed by our Free student assessments .

Free Evaluation

Tutoring is different from classroom teaching. It’s highly focused teaching. Your child will receive a personalized learning program that has been designed specifically for their needs. 

The FREE no-obligation assessment is conducted by a qualified teacher. We will be able to determine where your child needs the help to catch up in their English.

Dates: 18 January 10 am.- 12 pm